Wealth Management

  1. Wealth Management

  2. Investment Advisory

  3. Asset Allocation

  4. Construction Of Personalised Portfolio

Investment Advisory

  1. We assess the risk profile of the client

  2. We provide tailor-made advise to HNIs and corporate clients

  3. We recommend restructuring of the existing investment portfolio

  4. We recommend suitable asset allocation


Asset Allocation

  1. Not all asset classes perform the same in a given period.

  2. Varying assets have varying performance results in a given time frame.

  3. Macro economic, geo-political and local business conditions, among other factors, affect asset classes.

  4. Each clients risk profile and investment objective is different.

  5. We recommend suitable asset allocation that meets the individual client’s risk profile.


Investment Process

  1. Research Oriented

  2. Bottom Up Approach

  3. Identify Opportunities

  4. Short List Desirable Names

  5. Select Final List Of Stocks

  6. Construct Portfolio

  7. Implement Future & Options Strategies

  8. Contain Non-Systematic Risk In Equity Market

  9. Generate High Income

  10. Active Management To Enhance Overall Return